Student Conference “Gateway to the World of Science”

November 21, 2022

“Ala-Too” International University invites undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students to the student conference “Gateway to the World of Science” organized by the Faculty of Humanities of the AIU.

Research vectors of the conference:

  • Actual problems of linguistics
  • Questions of psychology
  • Analysis of modern culture
  • Application of scientific methods for the analysis of everyday life

The application for participation in the conference must precede the text of the article and contain the following information:

  1. Full name
  2. Place of study, faculty name, course, group (for undergraduate students) 
  3. Place of study, course and name of the department (for undergraduates and postgraduates)
  4. Title of the report
  5. Phone number and email address

Working languages of the conference: English, Russian and Kyrgyz.

Structure of the scientific article:

  • Title (Russian and English)
  • Abstract (150-250 words in Russian and English)
  • Keywords (Russian and English)
  • The text of the article
  • Used literature and sources  

The following structure of the scientific article is recommended: 

  • Introduction (relevance, problem, purpose and objectives, literature review)
  • Research methods
  • Research tools
  • Results
  • Discussion and conclusions

According to the results of the work, it is planned to publish a collection of conference materials. To design an article, please adhere to the APA form of academic papers. 

For the design of articles, you can use the instructions at the link below:  

Please send applications for participation in the conference to the e-mail address: - conference coordinator Nadyrshin Timur Maratovich.

Date: November 29, 2022

Time: 14:00 p.m

Venue: “Ala-Too” International University, Block-A, office-309.