February 12, 2020

Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic
Ala-Too International University
about the Russian language Olympiad

Ala-Too International University invites pupils in grade 11 which study in Russian and Kyrgyz conversation schools of Bishkek city to take part in the Russian language Olympiad.
The Olympiad is held in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.
The main goals and objectives of the school Olympiad are:
- promoting education among young people and increased interest in learning the Russian language;
 - identification and creation of conditions to support differently-abled students;
- development of creative initiatives and interest in the educational process;

- development of the knowledge of pupils;
- promotion of scientific knowledge;
- familiarization with the IAU, as well as to assist students in their choice of profession to obtain a bachelor's degree.
The Olympiad will be held in online testing. Tasks for students of Russian and Kyrgyz conversation schools would be differentiated and prepared according to the sections of the Russian language studied as part of the school curriculum.

To participate in the Olympiad, it is necessary to send a completed application in Microsoft Word format to the organizing committee of the Olympiad by e-mail: mk@alatoo.edu.kg before March 20, 2020. Participants of the Olympiad must indicate in the application form their contact details. Please register in advance, because  for the participants of the Olympiad will be prepared name cards with a password and login to enter the electronic testing system.

The overall direction of the Olympiad is carried out by the organizing committee, which is represented by teachers of the Russian language, the inter-faculty department of general education and the marketing department of IAU.

Organizing Committee:
- determines the model of the Olympiad;
- informs educational institutions on how to conduct  the Olympiad;

- establishes a schedule for its implementation;
- prepares olympiad tasks;
- makes lists of students who wished to take part in the Olympiad;
- provides coordination of the Olympiad;
- sets a quota for winners and prize winners;
- sums up the Olympiad.
The Olympiad will be held on April 3, 2020 at the Ala-Too International University.


Requirements for the Olympiad:
1. Participation in the Olympiad is voluntary and individual.
2. Pupils of one school in the amount of up to 5 people can take part in the Olympiad.
3. Olympiad work is done on a computer. The LMSMOODLE system selects Olympiad tasks that are individual for each participant.
4. In the auditoriums where the Olympiad tasks will be carried out, the duty of teachers and students of this university is organized. Duty officers  instruct participants; and ensure order in the audience during the execution of Olympiad tasks.
5. At the indicated time, participants must come to the IAU and register for online testing in the Russian language. When registering, participants must carry their passport or birth certificate.

The results of the Olympiad will be announced on the same day and posted at the university. Results will not be published on the Internet.
After the online testing, the ceremony of awarding the winners of the Olympiad with valuable prizes and gifts will be held. All participants of the Russian language Olympiad will receive certificates. The teachers who trained the finalists will be awarded with letters of thanks and gifts from the administration of the AIU.

Since the Olympiad will be held in two categories in accordance with the language of instruction (Russian and Kyrgyz), winners will be identified in each of the declared categories separately. So there will be 2 first, 2 second and 2 third places. Participants who have won the following five places after the finalists, will be awarded with incentive prizes.


The program of the Olympiad:
8.30 - 9.20 - Registration of participants
9.30 - 9.50 - Opening of the Olympiad
10.00-12.00 - Olympiad
12.00 - 12.30 - Tour of Ala-Too International University
12.30 - 13.00 - Coffee break
13.00 - 14.00 - Award Ceremony


Contact Information:
Contact information of the organizing committee of the Olympiad:
Teachers of Russian language AIU: 0557 33 00 35; 0555 728 290
Interfaculty Department of the AIU: mk@alatoo.edu.kg.
Marketing Department of AIU: 0312 63 04 09/63 14 25 (office), 0555 82 00 00 (mobile)