Get a double degree at the Distance Learning Center at the “Ala - Too” International University

September 13, 2022

     For graduates - bachelors or certified specialists, a master's degree provides a unique opportunity to possess new knowledge in their chosen activities and get an education that meets international standards. 

     From the 2022 - 2023 academic year, the AIU Distance Learning Center launches the start of a double degree program based on an agreement with NAU (North American University), which is located in Texas. This program provides an excellent opportunity for students to study in the USA and receive a diploma from an American university in the Master's degree programs in Management and Pedagogy.

     Distance learning is an opportunity to make your wishes come true. The days when online learning was considered ineffective are in the past.

The advantages of distance learning are:


  1. The ability to easily combine work with study

  2. Obtaining modern education through advanced technologies

  3. English language teaching and development of foreign language skills

  4. Opening new horizons through participation in international programs

Required documents:

 1. Bachelor's degree (diploma)

 2. Diploma insert (transcript)

 3. Photo 3*4 (6 pieces)

 4. Passport copy

Detailed information:


W/App: +996(555) 008-796