Seminar on STEM was held at AIU by Fulbright Specialist Prof. Alicia Santiago

March 6, 2020

  On the 5th of March, 2020 Ala-Too International University hosted Prof. Alicia Santiago within Fulbright Specialist Program, administered by U.S. Department of State. Prof. Alicia is a scientist and a Cultural and Diversity Specialist that has a PhD in cell and developmental biology - specializing in neurodevelopment from the University of California, Davis. In her seminar with the Faculty of New Technology, she talked about importance of STEM and mostly underlined the importance of empowering STEM among girls. She shared with the useful resources and demonstrated entertaining activities with AIU students and staff. At the end of seminar, the students and staff had an opportunity to see the part of Moon and Nickel through magnifier. International Relations Office express deep appreciation to U.S. Embassy for productive cooperation.