Gallery Walk "Prominent Kyrgyz and Turkish women"

March 12, 2020

  March 4, Block D, 4th floor, Faculty of Social Sciences, of IAU.

ELL 19B of the Faculty of Social Sciences organized Gallery WalkWomen who changed the world” as the second Term Project. ELL 19B devoted this activity to the prominent women of Kyrgyzstan and Turkey. During one month students learned, researched the topics. They selected necessary materials, cooperated with each other, asked high-level questions, answered them thinking critically, and create their posters. The whole process involved everyone into using active learning strategies, enriching each other, sharing knowledge with each other, and getting ready to share their knowledge with the whole faculty community. Students wore national clothes and sang songs devoted to Kurmanjan Datka, Urkuya Salieva, and others. The audience saw their posters and listened to their presentations. It was a great fun for both presenters and audience. ELL 19 B and their instructor  Shurubu Karimova thank everyone who visited the Gallery Walk and shared their mood and fun!

P.S. Here come some photos and videos from the active learning process and presentations.