Notification to the students of the Ala-Too International Universtity

August 25, 2020

Dear AIU students, freshmen and undergraduates !


We hope you are all in good health and ready for the new academic year! By the way, the new academic year promises to be very interesting, because our university turns 25 years old!


Unfortunately, the pandemic has made adjustments and by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic dated August 17, 2020, contrary to our wishes, it was decided that the new academic year in all higher educational institutions will start online. What does that mean?

1) All students must register for the fall semester with their curators and fill out the semester with credit subjects in the system.

2) All classes will be held according to the approved schedule. All students are required to attend lectures online, teachers will strictly monitor student attendance.


3) For classes, as in the last semester, the entire list of programs and applications will be used to maximize student involvement in the interactive educational process, including:

- Zoom;
- AIU Internal electronic platform OnlineCourseSystem (OCS);
- Google classroom, Google Meets, OBS studio, Telegram, etc.


4) All students are required to communicate with their curator through messenger groups (WhatsApp, Telegram) in order to clarify the validity of information on the educational process.


Dear Students!

Despite the fact that we are starting the new year online, you and your parents can be sure that the administration of the AIU has made maximum efforts to prepare for the new academic year online.


The spring semester of the last academic year showed that AIU was one of the first universities in Kyrgyzstan which successfully moved to completely online education. All the shortcomings were taken into account, and we enter the new semester with greater confidence in the success of the educational process, therefore we wish you a successful new academic year, as well as good health to you and your loved ones!


Important! Below you will find a link to the academic calendar for the 2020-2021 academic year:;jsessionid=21RxDV9p3slkvwQVQ9nQWtuG3E2lbeSmfrJHLYIy.unknown-host?id=281  

"Ala-Too" International University