On December 15, 2021, an online webinar "Virtual open libraries of the HiEdTech project" took place.

December 16, 2021

Welcoming remarks were made by: Rector of KSTU named after I. Razzakov Mirlan Chynybaev, coordinator of the HiEdTech project prof. Angel Smrikarov, Executive Director of the KNOKS Association Karabukayev K.Sh. and Rector of Ala-Too International University Sanzharbek Erdolatov

This webinar was attended by partners of the KRENA network and teachers from different universities in Kyrgyzstan.

Project coordinator for KSTU B.B. Koshoeva talk about the main results of the project and demonstrated the virtual open library of the HiEdTech project

https: //hiedtec.ecs.uni-ruse.bg/en/index.php? cmd = cmsPage ....

To date, over 500,000 views of this library.

Researcher of the project Bakalova A.T. demonstrated the virtual open library of Kyrgyzstan www.open.kstu.kg, in which they also demonstrated their electronic course content:

Assoc. Ph.D. Taabaldieva N.D. - "Mathematical problems in the electric power industry" (KSTU named after I. Razzakov);

Assoc. MUA Shambetova Burul Shambetovna - "Introduction to programming in Python" (MU Ala-Too);

Assoc., Ph.D. Klimenko Oleg Ilyich - "Electricity supply" (K. Tynystanov Institute of State University).