International Conference “Philosophy of gender: theory and practice”

March 14, 2022

“Ala-Too” International University invites you to take part in the international scientific and practical conference “Philosophy of Gender: Theory and Practice” dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Professor, Doctor of Philosophy, Honored Worker of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic Edilova Mariam Mitalipovna.

The conference will be held on April 22, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. (KR time) in hybrid mode. The purpose of the international scientific and practical conference is to discuss current issues of gender.

Thematic areas of the conference:

  • gender as a new concept of gender theory;
  • gender and politics;
  • gender and economic development; 
  • gender and social issues; 
  • education and gender;
  • gender issues in the healthcare system.

Official languages of the Conference: Kyrgyz, Russian, English and Turkish.


Hosts of the Conference: 

  • Faculty of Economics and Management of AIU;
  • Interfaculty Department of Teaching State Disciplines of AIU
  • Contact phone number: +996 (555) 771-652 (W/App) Mavliuda Guseinova.

Deadline for submitting articles is April 1, 2022. 

All submitted articles will be reviewed and checked for plagiarism. Conference materials that meet the requirements will be published in the scientific journal “Alatoo Academic Studies”. Articles that do not meet the requirements will not be recommended for publication.There is no conference fee for participation and publication of articles. 

Article submission guidelines: 

The article should be formatted according to the following structure (see the sample design of the article):

  • UDC; 
  • Article title in 4 languages (Kyrgyz, Russian, English, and Turkish); 
  • Author(s) information in the language in which the article is written; necessary information about the author(s) (surname, first name, patronymic; academic degree and title, place of work and position; phone number, e-mail); 
  • Abstract (80-100 words) in 4 languages: Kyrgyz, Russian, English, and Turkish;
  • Keywords (at least 5 words) in 4 languages: Kyrgyz, Russian, English and Turkish;
  • The article should be submitted in electronic version: font Times New Roman 12, line spacing 1.5, indent 1.25; 
  • Margins: left, right, top, and bottom 2 cm;
  • References should be given in the following form (e.g. [5, p. 67], i.e. the number of the source in the reference list and the page number in this source should be given; if the pages are not specified, then the link should be in the form [5]; 
  • The cited literature is given at the end of the article in citation order, with a reference list of at least 5 and no more than 15 sources; 
  • The total length of the article, including references, tables and illustrations is 6 to 10 pages.

Please, send an electronic version of the article, prepared in accordance with the requirements (file name: article full name. doc или.docx, e.g. Article_Mavliuda_Guseinova.doc or .docx), to the e-mail address:; Tel: +996 (555) 771-652 ( W/App) Mavliuda Guseinova +996 (508) 100-864 (W/App) Gulnura Dyikanbayeva.