The First Ala-Too Moot Court Competition on Human Rights 2018

May 23, 2018

 The First Ala-Too Moot Court Competition on Human Rights held from 18th to 19th March, 2018 by the Law Department at the Ala-Too International University. The initiators and organizers of the competition are the 3rd year students of Law Department. The opening ceremony of Ala-Too Moot Court started with the speech of the Vice-Rector of the Ala-Too International University Prof. Ahmet Sanich and Prof.Kyialbek Akmoldoev, Dean of Economic and Administration Faculty. The Chief Guest for the opening session was: Prof. Nurlan Ismailov the Head of the Law Department. At the First Day of Competition, 8 teams were participating. The courtrooms with the teams, whether they represent Applicant or Respondent side in a case were determined by the draw. Only letters were used, to maintain confidentiality and objectivity. With four courtrooms and two rounds to look forward, eight high-qualified expert  were invited to judge the rounds. After the end of the first and second preliminary rounds participants and volunteers gathered together for coffee-break following which, the participants were taken to the waiting hall to hear results from the  rounds. Out of a total of 8 teams only 4 would qualify on to the semifinals. After much anticipation, the result from the prelims were announced and 4 teams made it to the Semi-finalist list. They were: MC02, MC05, MC01, MC07.

 The second day of the Ala-Too Moot Court Competition started with the semi-finals. With only 2 court rooms and 1 session per team. After the sessions, teams MC02 and MC05 had the highest points and panel of Judges decided them as a Finalists of the First Ala-Too Moot Court. Then the most awaiting moment came, Final Rounds of First Ala-Too Moot Court Competition. It was held in B block of AIU and all interested people were invited. The courtroom was full with the all participants, volunteers and even OC team. The Judges of the  Final Round were high qualified professional lawyers and experts on international law and human rights issues. Panel of Final Round Judges consisted of: Mr. Nurlan Kyshtobaev:  Partner of the International law firm “GRATA”; Mrs. Zalina Abdulhafizova: National expert (at Promotion of the Rule of Law in the Kyrgyz Republic) of the Delegation of the European Union in the Kyrgyz Republic; Mr. Kyialbek Temishev: UN Programme Policy Officer of World Food Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic. Prof. Steven Kessel: Dean of Faculty of AUCA, Master of Laws (LLM). In the Final Round both Applicant and Respondent sides were given 45 minutes of speech, in total it took more than 1,5 hours to finish the last session. Valedictory ceremony of The First Ala-Too Moot Court Competition on Human Rights began with a feedback presentation of the work which was done to organize the event, and feedback of the First Day of Moot Court. The audience, which consisted of chief guests, all participants, volunteers and other students sat excited and awaiting the announcement of the winners. Prof. Kiyalbek Akmoldoev gave the welcome address giving a brief description of the event. He then proceeded to address each of the chief guests- Final Round Judges individually, introducing them to the audience with an overview of their achievements and professional lives. The Judges were awarded with the Certificate of Appreciation and were given a presents: sweatshirts with the University logo.

 After, all participants were able to get their Certificates of Participation from the Dean of Economic and Administrative Faculty of AIU Prof.Kyialbek Akmoldoev. The moment which everyone was waiting for, Announcement of Winners started. The Best Memorandums for Ala-Too Moot Court were submitted by the team MC02: Aigerim Egemberdieva and Elina Aibek kyzy and Respected Judge of Final Round Zalina Abdulhafizova awarded Team MC02 with Certificate of Best Memorandum, Best Memorandum Trophy and cash prize. Zhoodar Asanbaev, the second speaker of MC05 got the highest points among the all participants in all Rounds, and the was awarded The Best Speaker Certificate and Best Speaker Trophy of Ala-Too Moot Court Competition by Respected Final Round Judge Kyialbek Temishev and also cash prize.

 2nd place Winning team of First Ala-Too Moot Court Competition on Human rights 2018 became team MC02 on behalf of Aigerim Egemberdieva and Elina Aibek kyzy. They were awarded 2nd place Winning Certificate and Second Place Cup and also cash prize by respected Final Round Judge Steven Kessel.

 The Winning Team of the First Ala-Too Moot Court Competition became Team MC05 on behalf of Zhoodar Asanbaev and Zhazgul Altynbekova. They were awarded with the Winning Team Certificate, Winning Cup by Respected Final Round Judge Nurlan Kyshtobaev, in recognition of their outstanding performances as a Representatives of a states. Winners also were awarded with the unexpected award from Nurlan Kyshtobaev, as an Internship at GRATA International which is one of the famous Law firms in Kyegyzstan and abroad.

 For the closing speech Mrs. Zhyldyz Tegizbekova, Prof. of Law was invited. She was the initiator, motivator and coordinator of the First Ala-Too Moot Court Competition on Human Rights. She gave a wonderful speech addressing all praise to the Organizing Committee and Volunteers for organizing this event, she also highlighted the appreciation for Participation of the Judges in Moot Court, also she inspired all participants to go further wishing them good luck in the future. The First Ala-Too Moot Court Competition on Human Rights officially came to a fulfilling and successful end. The Organizing Committee said that they, students of Law Department, are very proud of this amazing project on which they have worked more than five months, and that they will continue to work on creating opportunities for Law students, to use all their knowledge’s in international law and apply them in practice, and they promised next time Ala-Too Moot Court will be held in international level. Also OC expressed their gratitude for amazing AIU Academic Staff and Faculty for support.