Students of the "Jurisprudence" department took the 2nd place at the "Gavel Moot Court"!

June 1, 2018

On may 27, 2018, the competition “GAVEL Moot Court” was held in AUCA, which brought together students of law faculties of different universities, some of them are experienced participants of Moot court, others first join this type of legal competitions.

The case was about inter-ethnic conflicts, terrorism and border disputes, which was considered particularly important. The participants concluded that the cooperation of countries is Central to the fight against terrorism and other conflicts.

Following the results of Gavel Moot Court: the two best teams of the first round met as rivals in the final. The final winners of the competition were announced at the award ceremony: Askarbekov Aibek and Nursultan Nurmambetov (Kyrgyz State Law University) took the Cup, the second place was given to Adina Sabirova and Zhoodar Asanbaev (“Ala-Too” international University), the team also received the award "Best Memorandum".

In turn, our team - Adina Sabirova and Zhoodar Asanbayev express their gratitude to all the organizers of the competition and the professional refereeing of the invited judges. “I was very happyto receive the” Best Memorandum”, because I worked a lot on this document", said Adina Sabirova happily. “2nd place in moot Court is a very good achievement,” said Zhoodar Asanbaev.