Applied Mathematics & Informatics


Program name


Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Program length

4 year




English Language

Program description

Informatics is the study of the structure, behavior, and interactions of natural and engineered computational systems. Informatics studies the representation, processing, and communication of information in natural and engineered systems. It has computational, cognitive and social aspects. The central notion is the transformation of information - whether by computation or communication, whether by organisms or artifacts.

Mathematics is classified with both the humanities and the sciences. Its position among the humanities is based on the study of mathematics as one of the liberal arts for more than two thousand years. Still an expanding subject, mathematics offers more new and challenging frontiers than at any time in its long history - with many new fields, requiring new techniques and ideas for exploration.

The department of applied mathematics and informatics offers a four-year undergraduate major program with bachelor degree that has emphasis on learning programming languages, studying algorithms and data structures; using the software and hardware means of computer science and mathematical software; studying mathematical logic and other fields.

Our mission, as the department of applied mathematics and informatics, is to provide quality education not only in informatics but also in applied mathematics. Especially in information technology, software programming, mathematical modeling and simulation and related fields to expand knowledge in these fields.

Although job opportunities have varied with the changes in the national economy, in recent years graduating informatics applied mathematics majors have obtained employment in a variety of jobs in business, industry, IT and programming agencies and also have obtained teaching positions at the high school level. Others have continued their educations at the graduate level in mathematics and other fields in Kyrgyzstan and abroad as well.


Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1

Calculus I

Linear Algebra I

Discrete Mathematics I

Introduction to Programming (Python)

Analytic Geometry

Physical Culture I

English Language I

Turkish Language I

Kyrgyz Language&Literature I

Russian Language I


Semester 2

Calculus II

Linear Algebra II

Discrete Mathematics II

Object Oriented Programming (Python)

Web Technologies

Physical Culture II

English Language II

Turkish Language II

Kyrgyz Language&Literature II


Semester 3


Advanced Calculus I

Differential Equations I

Applied Math.Software (Matlab)

Web Programming (Python)


Physical Culture III

English Language III

Turkish Language III

Manas Taanu


Semester 4

Advanced Calculus II

Differential Equations II

Scientific Programming (Python, Excel)

General Physics

History of Kyrgyzstan

Physical Culture IV

English Language IV

Turkish Language IV

Geography of Kyrgyzstan

Pedagogical Internship


Semester 5

Numerical Methods & Analysis

Probability and Statistics I

Equations of Mathematical Physics I

Abstract Algebra

Languages&Methods of Prog-ing (Java) I

Computer Networks

Introduction to Mathematical Economics

Algorithms & Data Structures



Semester 6

Applications of Numerical Methods (Matlab)

Probability and Statistics II

Equations of Mathematical Physics II

Complex Analysis

Languages&Methods of Prog-ing (Java) II


Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks

Industrial Internship


Semester 7

Optimization Methods

Information Security & Cryptology

Computation Theory

Introduction to Data Science

Computer Architecture

Computer Graphics

Number Theory

Operating Systems

Research Methods


Semester 8

Functional Analysis

Game Theory and Operation Research

Big Data

Life Safety

Prequalification Internship

State Examinations (incl. Thesis)



Where can graduates work?

Graduated Students can apply to …:

  • Computer information and software firms
  • Banks, Auditing Companies
  • Financial service and investment management firms
  • Data Analyzing Firms
  • Statistical Associations
  • Actuary Firms
  • Graduate Programs in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics
  • Academic  institutions and research institutes
  • Educational Institutions


Some of our graduated students are working…:

  • in Adobe Systems Incorporated
  • in Software companies
  • in Web-Designing companies
  • in Educational institutions
  • in several banks in Universities

Student Profile

Age average: 21
Males: 58 %
Females: 42 %
International students: 4 %
Languages of instruction: English


Program Coordinator

Name surname: I. Muslu

E-mail address: