Electronics and Nanoelectronics Engineering


Program name


Electronic and Nano-Electronic Engineering

Program length

4 year




English Language

Program description

Electronics and Nano-electronics Engineering Department was founded to provide Kyrgyz students along with the students from Central Asia and around the world with the modern and qualified education. Nowadays, Electronics Engineering is being one of the most demanded professions around the world. At the same time, due to the establishment of free zones as well as new local and foreign work places, it has become a huge necessity for Electronics Engineers in Kyrgyzstan. 

Transition to Western Technologies pursued specifically in companies and factories make it a great advantage of a job potential for our graduates as our university is the only institution where the Electronics Engineering education is given in English in Kyrgyzstan. Furthermore, being able to work in spheres related to IT (Information Technologies) gives the Electronics Engineers more “attractive” look.

One more advantage for Electronics Engineers students is that they can continue their education abroad. It has been observed that the demand for the electronic engineers in the Master and Ph.D. level projects is very high throughout the world. Modern education given in English language provides students with this great advantage, too.

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1

Introduction to Engineering

Programming Languages - 1

Calculus - 1

Physics - 1

Russian Language - 1

ENG Language - 1


Turkish Language - 1

Physical Culture - 1


Semester 2

Programming Languages - 2

Calculus - 2

Physics - 2

Engineering Computer Graphics

Russian Language - 2

ENG Language - 2


Turkish Language - 2

Physical Culture - 2


Semester 3

Thermodynamics and Optics

Physical Basics of Electronics

Programming Language - 3

Electric Circuits - 1

Differential Equations - 1

Kyrgyz Language - 1

Turkish Language - 3

Physical Culture - 3

ENG Language(Academic ENG) - 3

Manas Taanuu


Semester 4


Electric Circuit - 2

Numerical Analysis for Electrical  Engineering

Linear Algebra

History (State Examination)

Georgraphy of KGZ (State Examination)

Educational Internship

Kyrgyz Language & Literature - 2

Turkish Language - 4

ENG Language – 4(Enterpr.ship)

Physical Culture - 4


Semester 5

Database Management System

Digital Electronics (Logic Design)

Electromechanical Energy Cover

Basics of Conversation Tech. (Signals and Systems)

Plasma Technology

Basics of Electronic Components

Electronic Circuits

Concept of Marketing


Semester 6

Quantum Theory

Physics of Condensed States

Functional Electronics

Control Theory

Microcontrollers and Microprocessors - 1

Power Electronics

Mobile App/Web Tech./Data Struct.

Industrial Internship


Semester 7

Research Methods

Materials and Elements of Electronics

Nano Electronics

Microcontrollers and Microproessosrs - 2

Computer Aided Design - 1

Automation Control Systems - 1

AI and Data Mining/ Robotics

Network Technologies


Semester 8

Computer Aided Design - 2

Automation Control Systems - 2

Life Safety

Metrology Standart & Certification

Pre Diploma Practice




Electronics Engineers do the scientific researches, design and develop electronic systems, do tests and assessments, control application and production. Besides, they can work in various factories, in the spheres like repairing and maintenance, industrial management services.

Graduates can continue with their education by doing the Master and Ph.D. programs in the fields they are interested in and professionalize, which can later transform into the contribution to the electronic science.


Student Profile

Age average: ….
Males: …%
Females: …%
International students: …%
Languages of instruction: English.


Program Coordinator

Name surname: Kanykei Azhykulova

E-mail address: kanykei.azhykulova@iaau.edu.kg