Program name: Psychology

Degree: Bachelor's Program length

4 year ECTS 240


English Language

Program description

The Department of Psychology provides training for competent and in-demand specialists effective in the fields of applied psychology, psychological research and teaching.

The program offers training in research methods in educational psychology, psychological and group counseling, psychodiagnostics and psychological interventions for all age categories. Students gain knowledge in key areas such as consciousness, memory, emotion, perception and thinking. They are trained in predicting behavior, motivational techniques, methods of psychological influence, as well as correction of developmental delays. Students learn about the ways to improve the educational process in kindergartens, schools, and secondary, special and higher education institutions. During their studies, students can volunteer and assist faculty with variety of research projects, conduct research and publish the results in scientific journals.


Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1


Kyrgyz Language

Russian Language

English Language

Turkish Language

Introduction to Psychology 1 (Психология1)

Pedagogy 1 (Philosophy of Education)

Developmental Psychology I

Computer Science

Manas and Folklore


Physical Training


Semester 2


 Kyrgyz Language

 Russian Language

 English Language

 Turkish Language

 Introduction to Psychology 2 (Психология2)

 Pedagogy II (Educational Theories)

 Developmental Psychology II

Developmental Anatomy and Physiology and Hygiene

 Fundamentals of Information Technology

 Physical Training


Semester 3



Concepts of natural science

English Language

Turkish Language


Psychology III (History of Methodology in Psychology)

Pedagogy III (Management and Administration of Educational systems)

Social Psychology

Psychology of Personality

Educational Psychology and Psychodiagnosis I (ED PSY)

Physical Training

Research Methods and Statistics


Semester 4


Educational Psychology and Psychodiagnosis 2 (Research methods in psychology)


English Language

Turkish Language

History of Kyrgyzstan

Professional and Ethical Principles in Educational Psychology



Life Security

Physical Training


Semester 5


Family Psychology

Contemporary Theories in Individual Counseling 1

Special Pedagogy

Principles and Methods of Teaching Psychology

Multicultural and Inclusive education

Principles and Methods of Educational Psychology

(Organisational Psychology

Clinical Psychology-abnormal Psy)


Semester 6


Educational Psychology and Psychodiagnosis 3 (Psychological assessment )

Psychology of Interpersonal Relations

Social Pedagogy

General Psychological Practice I (Forensic Psychology

Methods of group psychotherapy and conseling 2



Semester 7


General Psychological Practice II (Senior thesis (Общий психологический практикум)

Principles and Methods of Instruction


Modern Educational Technologies in Teaching




Semester 8


Social Work

Conflictology and Psychology of Communication


State exam

General Psychological Practice III

Senior Thesis



Where can graduates work?

Graduates of the department of psychology can work in educational institutions, in research institutes and laboratories, in clinics, in state and commercial structures, in the subdivisions of the Ministry of Emergency Measures and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, public opinion research centers, hotlines, in industrial enterprises, marketing, personnel, advertising services and public relations agencies.

Moreover, our graduates can work in many other areas related to communication, such as journalism and law, since the availability of psychological training facilitates understanding of individual and group behavior.

In addition, upon completion of our program you will also be able to continue your studies and pursue advanced degrees from local and overseas universities.


Student Profile

Age average: 20

Males: 55%

Females: 45%

International students: 10%


Languages of instruction: English.

Program Coordinator

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