Pedagogy (Elementary School Teaching)

Program name Pedagogy (Elementary School Teaching)
Elementary School Teachers
Program length
4 year 

The department specializes in the preparation and development of skills for students of pedagogy and primary school children teaching methods. The main emphasis is on modern technologies in the education and upbringing of children, taking into account the characteristics of children, through characteristics like organization, tolerance, sociability, social orientation and civic responsibility. Teaching is conducted in English, Kyrgyz, Russian.

General İnformation
Compulsory & elective modules (courses)
Semester 1

Theories and Methods of Aesthetic Education of School I 
Psychology I (Introduction to Psychology )
Pedagogy I (Philosophy of Education)
Kyrgyz Folklore and Manas Teaching
Computer Practice
English Language I
Turkish Language I
Kyrgyz Language I
Russian Language I

Semester 2 

Theories and Methods of Aesthetic Education of School II
Psychology II (Developmental Psychology)
Pedagogy II
Fundamentals of Information Technology
Developmental anatomy and physiology
English Language II
Turkish Language II
Kyrgyz Language II
Russian Language II
Physical Training 

Semester 3

Preparing Children For School
Theoretical Foundations of Elementary Mathematics I
Modern Kyrgyz-Russian Language I
Psychology III (Pedagogical Psychology)
Pedagogy III (Administrative Basics of Pedagogical Systems)
English Language III
Turkish Language III
Concepts of Natural Science Sociology
Physical Training 

Semester 4

Adaptive Teaching Experience
Theoretical Foundations of Elementary Mathematics II
Modern Kyrgyz-Russian Language II
Methods of teaching
National History
Natural Studies
English Language IV
Turkish Language IV

Semester 5

Methods of language teaching in elementary school
Motherland Study and Methods
Theoretical foundations of teaching literature classes in elementary school
Methods of teaching elementary mathematics
Theories and methods of speech and language development
Professional English
Life Security

Semester 6 

Introduction to Language Studies
Juvenile literature
Methods of teaching reading
Professional English
Methods of teaching ethics in elementary school Internship

Semester 7

Calligraphy practicum
Informational and analytical work
Inclusive education and special pedagogy
New educational methods and technology
Educational tools and educational toys
Theory and methods of music education

Semester 8

Use of science lab technology
Monitoring and evaluation of elementary school students
Montessori education
Person-oriented education in elementary school
Final state attestation

Where can graduates work?

Graduates of this department can work in state institutions, in private companies, in the educational system, as well as in the educational management system. The department is focused on teaching demanded specialists, who have got great career opportunities and self-realization in modern society.

Student Profile
Age average: 20
Males: 55%
Females: 45%
International students:10%

Languages of instruction: English.

Program Coordinator
Name surname: Ainuru Zholchieva
E-mail adresi