International Relations


Program Name

International Relations


Bachelor of International Relations

Program length

4 years




English Language (If you cannot pass our English proficiency exam, you have to attend our university’s one-year English preparatory education)

Program description

An all-embracing and interdisciplinary program, including from political science to economics, law, diplomacy, history, sociology, globalization, human rights, comparative politics, foreign policy, and from case studies such as the European Union, US, Asia-Pacific, Russia, China, Central Asia to world politics, is pursued at the department in order to provide the students with a formation they need to comprehend international relations and politics. This all-inclusive program, with tutorial in English and aided by computer skills, bring up versatile students. Additionally, students take 540 hours of advanced English courses, academic reading, academic writing, and other English skills. We also offer our students an intensive additional language program: German or French. In addition to Turkish language, students take 360 hours of German or French courses. Students who take German courses, for instance, participate in Work and Travel programs of Germany during summer vacation; and they work in Germany for 3 months. Our students make their internship and summer practices in embassies, ministry of foreign affairs, organizations, firms and companies. Our department pays more attention to student exchange programs with the aim to improve the world view of the students. Every year, tens of our students participate in exchange programs for one semester or whole year; and go to different universities in different countries

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1

History of International Relations I


Advanced English I

Academic Reading I

Turkish I

Computer Science


Russian Language I

Physical Training I

Semester 2

History of International Relations II

Advanced English II

Academic Reading II

Turkish II

Information Technology

Quantitative Methods in IR

Russian Language II

Physical Training II

Semester 3

Contemporary International Relations & World Politics

Political Science & Political Theory I

Theory of State & Law

Critical Thinking & Debate

German I / French I

Turkish III



Manas Studies

Kyrgyz Language I

Physical Training III

Semester 4

Globalization of World Politics & Pol. Processes in CA

Political Science & Political Theory II

Academic Writing

German II / French II

Turkish IV


National History

Geography of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz Language II

Physical Training IV

Semester 5

Theory of International Relations

Comparative Politics

Regionalism in World Politics and European Union

Current Foreign Policy of KR

International Law

Research and Writing in IR

Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette

Democracy, Civil Society and NGOs in Int. Perspective

German III / French III

Semester 6

Foreign Policy Analysis

Int. Organizations & Kyrgyzstan in Int. Organizations

Politics of Developing Countries

Economic and Political Processes in the World

Human Rights and International Relations

International Humanitarian Law

Religion and Politics in Int. Perspective

German III / French III

Ecology & CNS


Semester 7

History and Politics of Central Asia

USA in World Politics

Russia in World Politics

China: Economy, Politics and Foreign Policy

Turkey in World Politics

Theory and Practice of Diplomacy & Int. Negotiations

World Economy & Foreign Econ. Policy of KR and CA

Diploma Paper Writing

Semester 8

International Security & Arms Control

International Conflict Analysis & Peace-making

History and Politics of the Middle East

Ethno-politics in International Perspective

Pre-qualification Practice

State Exams and Thesis Defense



Governmental, diplomatic and bureaucratic institutions, Ministries, International organizations, NGOs, research institutions, embassies, private entrepreneurships, national and international companies, public and private sector, business, financial sector, academic field, etc.

Student Profile

Age average: 17 and upper
Males: 40%
Females: 60%
International students: 10%
Languages of instruction: English.

Program Coordinator

Mavluda Guseinova, PhD

E-mail address: