International Law


Program name




Bachelor in jurisprudence


Program length

4 year





Sections of jurisprudence: General theory of law, the legal system of the Kyrgyz Republic, the judicial system, the legal system of foreign countries, international law, which in turn has two directions: international public law, consisting of international human rights law and international humanitarian law, and private international law, consisting of international commercial, arbitration and commercial law.


Program description

The department specializes in the preparation and development of skills and in-depth knowledge of students in the field of jurisprudence and international law. The main emphasis is on modern areas of jurisprudence and international law, through lessons by highly qualified teachers who are at the same time practicing lawyers and experts in this field. Training is conducted in English, Kyrgyz, Russian.


General İnformation

Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1


Introduction to specialization

legal terminology

Theory of state and law

History of state and law of foreign countries

English language

turkish language

Kyrgyz language and literature 1

Russian language 1

Manas Studies




Semester 2


Constitutional law

history of law and state KR

Theory of state and law

Legal English terminology

history of state and law of foreign countries

english language

Turkish language

Kyrgyz language and literature 2

Russian language 2

Computer Sciences

Physical training 2

Ecology & Concepts of Natural Sciences


Semester 3


Preparing Children For School

Theoretical Foundations of Elementary Mathematics I

Modern Kyrgyz-Russian Language I

Psychology III (Pedagogical Psychology)

Pedagogy III (Administrative Basics of Pedagogical Systems)


English Language III

Turkish Language III

Concepts of Natural Science


Physical Training

Semester 4


criminal law

native history

Civil law

Administrative law and procedure

International human rights law

international humanitarian law

learning practice

Turkish language

english language

Geography of Kyrgyzstan

Physical training 4


Semester 5


Juridical techniques

civil law

criminal law

Business law

Environmental law

moot court

civil procedural law

criminal procedural law

law of international treaties


Semester 6


legal psychology

civil procedure

criminal procedure

information law

criminal law

family law

Intelectual property law: national and international mechaisms

employment law

international private law

international trade law



Semester 7


International trade transactions

international banking law

land law


fınancial law

tax law


Penal execution law

Advocate activity in international justice

international arbitrary proceedings


Semester 8


International investment law

International customs law

international commercial arbitration

diplomatic law

Comparative law

Corporate law

state exam

Graduate work

Pre-diploma practice





Where can graduates work?


Graduates of this department can work in public institutions, in private law firms, in the law enforcement system, as well as in international organizations. The department is focused on training specialists who have great career opportunities and self-realization in modern society.


Student Profile

Age average: 20
Males: 55%
Females: 45%
International students: 10%
Languages of instruction: English.


Program Coordinator

Nurlan Ismailov


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