Program name - Master in Management 

Degree - Master 


Program length – 2 years 


ECTS 120  


English Language 

Some basic management subjects: Management, Accounting, Marketing, Finance and Credit. 

Program description 

The ultimate goal of training the Master of Management is to obtain fundamental  knowledge in the field of innovative management of production processes in  organizations of various legal forms. A manager with a master's degree can  establish his own profitable enterprise. In addition, the Master of Management can  work in research and educational institutions. 

Compulsory & elective modules (courses) 

Innovation management; Research methodology in management; Project  management; Finance and cost management; Crisis management; Informational  resources; Operational management; Intellectual property management;  Managerial economics, Marketing, Strategic management etc. Subjects may  differ according to the study plan. In total you will study about 16 subjects and 3  internships programs. 


Expected professions: 

* Manager in economic and financial structures, sociological services; 

* manager in organizational units of the management system, intersectoral  complexes, management bodies; 

* Manager in joint-stock companies, various business partnerships and non-profit  organizations; 

* Manager as middle managers of the management system; 

* Managers can engage in business and entrepreneurship. 

* teacher in the system of higher and secondary special education 

Graduates in the specialty - "Management" can perform the following types of  professional activities: 

- organizational and management; 

- production and management; 

- economic; 

- analytical; 

- research; 

- expert advisory; 

- educational; 

- educational 

- planning of the main directions of development of production and management; - definition of management goals and objectives, their effectiveness;

- the formation of the structure of the production facility and the management  structure, the optimal construction of the production apparatus; 

- improvement of engineering and production technology; 

- staff motivation, activation of their labor; 

- coordination and control of all aspects of management activities; - introduction of innovations in the field of material and intangible production. 

Student Profile 

Age average: 25 

Males: 75% 

Females: 25% 

International students: 10% 

Languages of instruction: English. Russian (according to the group). 

Program Coordinator 

Talant Asan uulu 

E-mail address: