Master-International Relations


Program name 


International Relations Master Program 

Program length 

2 year 




English Language 

Program description 

MA in International Relations Program provides master’s students with a  comprehensive and interdisciplinary program that includes areas such as political  science, diplomacy, economics, history, public administration, contemporary  problems of IR, modern political theories, foreign policy analysis, global security,  great power politics, research methodology. 

Compulsory & elective modules (courses) 

Semester 1 

History of Inner Asia I 

Great Power Policies and WP I 

Modern Political Thought & Ideologies I 

Contemporary Problems of IR and WP 

Global Security on Modern Stage 

International Political Economy: Practical Aspects 

Basic Foreign Language 

Thematic Foreign Language 

Second Foreign Language 

Semester 2 

History of Inner Asia II

Great Power Policies and WP II 

Modern Political Thought & Ideologies II 

Public Administration and Public Policy I 

Integration Proccesses in CA and CIS 

Foreign Policy Priorities of the KR 

Scientific Methodology of Discourses in IR 

IT in Analytical Study of Diplomats 

Semester 3 

History of Inner Asia III 

Great Power Policies and WP III 

History and Methodology of Research in IR & WP 

Public Administration and Public Policy II 

Scientific and Pedagogical Practice 

Semester 4 

Thesis Work 



Where can graduates work? 

They can work in governmental apparatus, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the other ministries, bureaucratic institutions, international and country-based governmental and non-governmental organizations, projects, public and private sector, etc. 

Student Profile 

Age average: 22-25 

Males: 20% 

Females: 80%

International students: 30% 

Languages of instruction: English. 

Program Coordinator 

Name surname: Mavlyuda Guseinova, Ph.D. E-mail address: