Program name: Department of Pedagogy Degree

Master Program

Program length

2 years


120 credits


Applicants to the MA Program in Pedagogy are expected to hold master’s degrees or specialist diplomas. The program does not require its applicants to have an undergraduate major in pedagogy; applicants from other backgrounds and countries are admitted.

“General pedagogy”, “History of pedagogy”, “Methods of teaching pedagogy, theory and methodology of educational work” “Pedagogical problems of the modern school”


Program description

Master's Degree in Pedagogy at Ala-Too International University provides an opportunity to obtain professional knowledge and skills in relevant areas of Pedagogy. The program is open to students with various backgrounds who want to develop or improve their academic and professional qualifications in the field of pedagogy. The curriculum of the program is focused on practical and research methods of teaching professional skills, and also participates in the discussion of modern problems in the field of pedagogical research, theory and practice in this area.


Compulsory & elective modules (courses)



Semester 1

Modern problems of science and education

Methodology and methods of scientific research

Philosophical problems of education

Educational Psychology

Higher Vocational Education

Technology Foreign Language

Information technologies in pedagogy

Education and Higher education of Psychology

Formation of a safe educational environment

Organization of the process of research on pedagogical disciplines


Semester 2

Management in education

Education in the world and in Kyrgyzstan The self-education of students

Diagnosis and monitoring of teaching

The professional competence of the teacher The training in higher education

Actual problems of Conflictology in education Pedagogical counceling

Motivation in educational activity


Semester 3

Comparative Pedagogy Inclusive education

Scientific pedagogical practice


Semester 4

Scientific Research Work

A comprehensive state examination on pedagogy



Interdisciplinary work provides a detailed coverage of relevant topics in this field and prepares graduates for various professional works and academic studies. The diverse possibilities of intensive practice allow Masters to develop practical teaching, assessment and research skills. The program serves as an ideal platform for preparing students for pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Pedagogy or related fields.


Student Profile

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Program Coordinator

Elnura Usupova

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