Management undergraduate

Program length

5 years




English Language

Program description

The Department of Management strives to expand managerial knowledge and capabilities vital for today's complex and dynamic world. By integrating high-impact research and experience-based education, faculty add value to practice and theory. Experience-based education is also vital to Management - where the only sustainable advantage is the ability to learn. Hands-on learning occurs in field cases examining non-profit firms and new ventures, in studies abroad exploring cultural differences, and in experiential exercises accentuating intricacies of human and group behavior.

Wherever your future career ambitions lie, a management degree from AIU will encourage you to think critically and creatively about management practice. You will gain an all-round understanding of how organizations and managers operate in a global environment while also developing analytical, problem solving and interpersonal skills that are attractive to employers. You will join a friendly and supportive department with an active student society.

You will learn about management practice, organization theory, and the global business environment, as well as specific functions like accounting and marketing. Our wide range of optional units means you will be able to personalize your degree to reflect your interests and career ambitions in areas such as strategy, business law, HRM and finance. Many of our units contain an international dimension to reflect the global nature of business.



Compulsory & elective modules (courses)

Semester 1


  1. Kyrgyz language and literature

  1. Russian language

  2. English

  3. Mathematics

  4. Ecology

  5. Management I

Semester 2


  1. Kyrgyz language and literature II

  2. Russian language II

  3. English  II

  4. Mathematics II

  5. Management II

  6. Manas taanuu

Semester 3


  1. Pedagogy and psychology/Sociology

  2. Accounting and analysis

  3. Enterpreneurship

  4. Business law

  5. Microeconomics

  6. Informatics

  7. Concept of natural sciences

Semester 4


  1. History of KR

  2. Accounting and analysis

  3. Geography of Kyrgyzstan

  4. Macroeconomics

  5. Philosophy

  6. Internship

  7. Informatics

Semester 5


  1. Marketing research/financial analysis

  2. Management Information systems

  3. Managerial accounting I

  4. Finance, Money circulation and credit

  5. Organizational behavior

  6. Statistics

Semester 6


  1. Human resource management

  2. Logistics

  3. Ethics of business communication

  4. Managerial accounting II

  5. Marketing research/financial analysis

  6. Statistics

Semester 7


  1. Managerial decision making

  2. Logistics

  3. Second foreign language

  4. Research methods

  5. Applied accounting

  6. Marketing

Semester 8


  1. Financial management

  2. Strategic management

  3. Production internship

  4. Financial markets and institutions

  5. Second foreign language

  6. Applied accounting

Semester 9


  1. Research methods

  2. Quantitative methods in management

  3. Financial markets and institutions

  4. International Business

  5. International Quality system management/Project management

Semester 10


  1. Research methods I

  2. International Business

  3. State examinations

  4. Predefence internship



The Ala-too International university annually conducts Career day where students can find internships with further employment.


Student Profile

Age average: 24
Males: 47%
Females: 53%
International students: 8%
Languages of instruction: English.


Program Coordinator

Nurzada Baktybekova

E-mail adresi: