Pedagogy Graduate



Program length

2,5 years




Bachelor degree, English Language

Program description


Pedagogy is a science that revolves around how children learn and develop in an educational setting. Throughout their advanced education, students may complete courses designed to help them observe other students, learning environments and educational policies with a critical eye. Students may be expected to complete child and family studies courses, along with educational science classes in order to learn more about what makes a classroom or curriculum effective or ineffective as the case may be.                                                             

While taking on these subjects, participants in the MSc program should learn a number of skills, including critical thinking, collaborating in groups, and putting plans into action. These skills are highly valuable in students’ private lives as well, helping them to implement change and communicate with others effectively.

Because education is a global concern, graduates with an MSc in Pedagogy may be able to find a wide array of employment opportunities after they’ve completed their necessary courses. Educational researcher, educational policy maker, curriculum advisor, curriculum developer, educational coordinator in schools and program manager are some of the common job titles students may encounter during their post-graduation job hunt. These are jobs that allow graduates to have a direct impact on their country’s educational policies.


Compulsory & elective modules (courses)


Semester 1

  1. Modern problems of science and education

  2. Philosophical Problems of Education

  3. Pschycology of education

  4. Technology of higher professional education

  5. Information resource and technology in pedagogical science

  6. Pedadogy and Pshycology of Higher School

  7. Formation of safety of educational environment

  8. Active and interactive methods in education

Semester 2

  1. Methodology and methods of scientific research

  2. Business Foreign language

  3. Management in education

  4. Diagnostic and training control

  5. Professional competences of the teacher

  6. Managerial internship

Semester 3

  1. Self-education of students

  2. Training in higher education

  3. Actual problems of conflictology in education

  4. Scientific and pedagogical internship

Semester 4

  1. Organization of the process of pedagogical dicsiplines research

  2. Pedagogical counseling

  3. Motivation of educational activity

  4. Pedagogical antropology

  5. Actual problems of inclusive education

  6. Scientific research work       

Semester 5

  1. Scientific research work

  2. Complex state examination on pedagogy

  3. Defense of master diploma



The Ala-too International university annually conducts Career day where students can find internships with further employment.


Student Profile

Age average: 33
Males: 72%
Females: 28%
International students: 90%
Languages of instruction: English.


Program Coordinator

Zhyldyzbek Zhakshylykov