Zhyldyz Tegizbekova
Jurisprudence - Lecturer


#UniversityLevelSpecialityDiploma NoPeriod
1 Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic UniveristyMLawSep 2001 - Jul 2006
2 National Academy of the Kyrgyz RepublicDRLawJan 2008 - Apr 2013

Recenty conducted courses

#Recenty conducted coursesLevel
1 International Intellectual Property LawBachelor
2 International LawBachelor
3 Law of International TreatiesBachelor
4 International investment LawBachelor
5 International Human Rights LawBachelor
6 International Humanitarian LawBachelor
7 International JusticeBachelor
8 Diplomatic LawBachelor
9 Moot CourtBachelor

Scientific organizations

#OrganizationYear of Membership
1 The Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS)23-06-2017

Thesis Supervision

#StudentLevelTopicUniversityStart yearDefence Year
2 Aibek BekmuratovBIP Disputes in International ArbitrationAIU Law20162020
3 Kalzada AsangazievaBLitigation financing as an element of access to justice in the Kyrgyz RepublicAIU Law20162020
4 Kalzada AsangazievaBLitigation financing as an element of access to justice in the Kyrgyz RepublicAIU Law20162020
5 Zharkyn OkishevaBLEgal regulation of UAVs in the Kyrgyz RepublicAIU Law20162020
7 Zhyldyz AlzhanbaevaBBilateral Investment TreatiesAIU20162020
8 Nadira KanatbekovaBUnborn generations' rights in environmental lawAIU20162020


- Articles published in International peer-reviewed Journals

#Title | Journal | Series | Degree | URL | Authors | Pages | Country | Date
1 “Sky-High Sustainability: Aviation’s Lofty Role in Reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”, Issues in Aviation Law ad Policy, Autumn 2019 / Volume 19, Number 1. DePaul University, Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development 2019. – 7-50pp. ISSN 1934-7170, Other, Zhyldyz Tegizbekova, 43, United States, December 2019
2 “The Challenges of Traditional Knowledge Protection in the Central Asian States: Perspective and Experience of the Kyrgyz Republic)”, WTO-WIPO Colloquium paper Journal, 2018, 100-115 p. ISBN 978-92-870-4418-1 The Journal was published and being posted on the WTO website, SSCI, https://www.wto.org/english/tratop_e/trips_e/wipo_wto_colloquium_2018_e.pdf, 14, Switzerland, January 2020

- Articles published in National peer-reviewed Journals

#Title | Journal | Series | Degree | URL | Authors | Pages | Date
1 The role and place of customs and traditions in the legal system of the Kyrgyz Republic, Vestnik KNAU, 4, Other, 12, May 2017

- Other Journals

#Title | Journal | Series | Degree | URL | Authors | Pages | Date
1 Про дроны (беспилотные летательные аппараты) и нашу безопасность..., AkiPress, Other, http://mnenie.akipress.org/unews/un_post:12386/?from=mnenie&place=authors, August 2018

- International Conferences

#Title | Conference | URL | Authors | Pages | Country | Date
1 УНП ООН КИМЭП, Expert Workshop for Universities Lecturers Enhancing capacity to teach on Counter-Terrorism and Trafficking in Firearms related issues, Kazakhstan, September 2019
2 Traditional knowledge development in Central Asia, The 5th Asian IP Works-in-Progress Conference, School of Law, City University of Hong Kong, School of Law, Singapore Management University, January, 2020, Hong Kong, January 2020
3 Judge, the International Jessup Moot Court Competition, ILSA, United States, February 2020
4 AlaToo Team Coach, Regional rounds of the International Litigation named after F. Jessup, Tashkent State Law University and the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, Uzbekistan, February 2020
5 US Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic, Online talk on “Challenges of Education in Central Asia during Pandemic: Personal Perspectives”, Kyrgyzstan, April 2020
6 Let’s go by Syllabus? Students’ Learning Outcomes in Higher Education , UniCEN webinar with Dr. Dilnoza Khasilova, the College of Education at the University of Wyoming, American Councils for International Education, United States, April 2020
7 Modern Education & Research Institute and the ENU named after L.N. Gumilyov, the conference “Physical and psychological health of a teacher as a factor in the stable functioning of the university during a crisis”, organized by the European Representation of the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov, Kazakhstan, April 2020

- National Conferences

#Title | Conference | URL | Authors | Pages | Date
1 Cyber Security, Youth and Media: Promoting Digital Citizenship, Inclusivity, and Safety in South and Central Asia , December 2019
2 Online Academy for girls, Webinar with the US Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic: AlaToo students, April 2020
3 Moderator, Online Conference dedicated to the World Day of Creativity and Innovation “Development of a startup ecosystem. Innovative solutions for overcoming the crisis ”, KyrgyzPatent, May 2020

- Books

#Title | URL | Authors | Pages | Type | Publication | Country | City | Region | Date
1 Международное право, 450, Textbook, Kyrgyzstan, May 2015
2 Обычное право кыргызов , Ж.Тегизбекова, 247, Textbook, Kyrgyzstan, Biskek, May 2016

- Others

#Title | URL | Authors | Pages | Publication | Country | Date
1 Кыргызстан не выполняет требование ООН, https://kaktus.media/doc/358660_urist:_kyrgyzstan_ne_vypolniaet_trebovanie_oon_ne_registriryet_dogovory.html, Kyrgyzstan, June 2017
2 Сим-сим откройся! Снова об открытом небе в Кыргызской Республике. Часть 1., http://mnenie.akipress.org/unews/un_post:12574/?from=mnenie&place=authors, Kyrgyzstan, August 2018
3 Сим-сим откройся! Снова об открытом небе: Депутаты хотят внести изменения в Воздушный Кодекс Кыргызской Республики. Часть 2, http://mnenie.akipress.org/unews/un_post:12576/?from=mnenie&place=authors, Kyrgyzstan, September 2018
4 Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones) and Metropolitan Development, https://www.academia.edu/39656475/Unmanned_Aerial_Systems_Drones_and_Metropolitan_Development, United States, March 2019
5 Aerotropolis and Metropolitan development, https://www.academia.edu/39656482/Aerotropolis_and_Metropolitan_development, United States, June 2019
6 Amending BITs to Balance Private and Public interests in Environment Issues BITs: Where is the balance between Investment and Sustainable Development in Kyrgyzstan, https://www.academia.edu/40821746/Amending_BITs_to_Balance_Private_and_Public_interests_in_Environment_Issues_BITs_Where_is_the_balance_between_Invest, Kyrgyzstan, November 2019